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**BREAKING** Campus Protesters Desecrate Statue of Pres. Washington

George Washington Statue desecrated at George Washington University

Photo Credit: @Osint614

Washington, DC - Fox News reports that the statue of the founding President of the United States of America, George Washington, had been utilized by protesters on campus this week.

Pres. Washington is just the latest victim of the cultural Marxist purge of American public landmarks. Since about 2015, there has been a concerted effort to destroy and remove from public view veteran and other historic monuments and memorials. Washington was also targeted during the 2020 George Floyd protests in Portland.

The statue of Washington presently sits in the main commons area at his namesake university only a few blocks from the White House. Protesters turned the statute...head to toe...into a canvas for social protest, draping it in a Palestinian flag, placing a black and white keffiyeh over the head, pasting the body with stickers and placing protest signs at the feet.

Attempts by Guardians to post the Fox News video of the incident on Facebook was rejected as not meeting "Community Standards".

Guardians of American History is contacting Florida elected officials their position on the desecration and if they have any plans to sponsor legislation in 2025 to strengthen historic preservation laws in Florida.

Those concerned about the preservation of American history in Florida are urged to sign our petition at

Guardians of American History is a Florida non-profit seeking protect American history for future generations.


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