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Guardians Files Amicus Brief in Pensacola Veterans' Memorial Lawsuit

Pensacola - Guardians of American History announces today that it has asked the Florida First District Court of Appeals to accept an Amicus Brief filed in support of the Ladies Memorial Association and others who are seeking the restoration of the historic Veteran's Memorial monument removed by the City of Pensacola, Florida in 2020.

The Amicus Brief focuses on two points of law. Guardians assert that the lower Court "erred in finding the plaintiffs in this case had no standing".

Guardians also argued that the City of Pensacla's "'fast track order" to remove and potentially destroy the Cenotaph...was a denial of equal protection in the treatment given to the [Bayview Cross] and the Cenotaph".

The Court may or not accept the Amicus Brief for consideration in this deliberation of the Plaintiffs' appeal in the case.

A spokesman for the Ladies Memorial Association, , the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, Mrs. Thomas Jessee said "we are so pleased that our efforts to preserve and honor Florida's war dead was recognized by Guardians of American History and we thank them. We are hopeful that the Court will admit their Brief for consideration".

The Ladies' group filed its initial lawsuit on July 14, 2020, the day that the City of Penscola's Council voted to remove the memorial from its site after 129 years, from the North Hill National Register Historic Preservation District.

Guardians of American History work to preserve our American History including historical assets pertaining to America and the United States. Based in Florida, the group is primarily focused on Florida history, but is also involved in nationally-important cases of iconoclasm and cancel culture.


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