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Lt. Governor's Message

Jeffrey Kottkamp

17th Lt. Governor of Florida

Dear Friend,

Looking back on 2020, to say it was a bad year is an understatement.  But it was also a bad year for our American History.

What started out a few years ago to get rid of a few Confederate monuments that some claimed were “offensive”, has exploded into an all out war on American History.

The pace of what appears to be co-ordinated vandalism has increased, and the scope of what is “offensive” has expanded.

Over Thanksgiving, in multiple American cities, vandals were trying to desecrate, damaging and destroying monuments, memorials and statues to 3 American Presidents:  Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, and George Washington, as well as an all veterans of all wars memorial and a “pioneer memorial”.  Then then, just before year's end, the memorial of US President Abraham Lincoln was removed because it, also, was deemed "offensive".  None of these, mind you, had anything to do with the “Confederacy”.

In monitoring this issue over the past two years, I do believe this ‘statue war’ has less to do with a few people who are offended, and more about a loathing of America, our founding, and our progress, our culture, and our spirit.

I am re-doubling my efforts in the coming legislative season to push not only for stiffer criminal penalties as a deterrent against vandalism for Florida’s historical monuments and memorials, but also protection of our history.  In Florida, we lost at least 2 historic veterans memorials, including one to a Florida governor.  Both of them were in National Register Historic Preservation districts.  Both of them were removed by local officials whose cities were threatened by what many view as domestic terrorist groups, who “weaponized” the historical memorials, and now have more demands.

But I can’t do this alone, we all need to pull together.  How can you help?  There are three things you can do: 

1.  Contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to push for legislation protecting and preserving our Florida historical monuments, memorials and cenotaphs in the upcoming legislative session in Tallahassee (click on this LINK for an easy contact tool);  

2. Consider a donation to the legislative action fund.  Any amount will help, but consider the $100 or more level.  Groups and organizations can also help; and

3.  If you haven't done so already, sign the petition.

Finally,  consider sharing this with others that may also be concerned about our American history and heritage.

I hope and pray that going forth, 2021 will be a better year for America, for you, and for our history.  Let’s do what we can now to make it so.

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