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Monument Destroyers Connection to Hamas-Linked Terrorist Group Exposed

Tampa– Guardians of American History announces today that a group involved in anti-Israel protests, and with links to terrorism, the Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”), has also been active in calling for the destruction of American History and veterans’ monuments.

“It's really not new news that CAIR is linked to terrorist groups, like Hamas, but what is new is how active CAIR has been in advocating for the destruction of historic monuments and memorials in Florida and elsewhere,” said Scott Powell, a spokesman for Guardians of American History.

“We started noticing CAIR’s activities relating to historic destruction and against free speech back in 2015 when they came out for removal of the 10 Commandments Memorial on the Capital Grounds in Arkansas, but they really revved things up when other monuments became targets back in 2015”  Powell added.

A visit to the CAIR website shows pages and pages of support for the destruction of historic veterans’ memorials including the recently-removed Reconciliation Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

“Back in 2022 CAIR championed removal of the Reconciliation Memorial at Arlington and they even applauded the illegal bulldozing of an all-veterans memorial in a rural town in North Carolina. We have seen them in Florida in the anti-monument coalition that involves the communists and socialists.”

On Friday, CAIR’s Florida office announced on its social media site that “the spread of rallies….have reached Florida universities” and offered advice for protesters who are “detained”.  On Friday a protest was held at the University of Central Florida.  In another recent protest in Miami, anti-Israel protesters displayed the Communist hammer and sickle on their protest sign.

“Destruction of our civic landscape and removal of our public history is what Communists and Marxists do” Powell noted.

In the most recent Florida Legislative session, lawmakers were offered an opportunity to halt the destruction of Florida’s historic monuments and memorials, but Republicans faltered when allies of CAIR launched a campaign to halt the progress of proposed legislation. “It’s really disappointing that our Florida elected officials haven’t done better on this, and we hope that Floridians will reach out to their State Senators and Representatives and demand protection of Florida history” Powell concluded.

Floridians can also sign a petition calling for lawmakers to pass legislation at:


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