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Will These Florida Senators Prevent Protection of our Veterans Memorials?

Efforts to guard our history in Florida are underway with the introduction of bi-partisan bills in the Florida legislature to stiffen penalties for the senseless, wanton attacks on our veteran and other historical memorials. The good news - the bills have moved unanimously through the process in both the Florida House and Senate (House Bill 1251 and Senate Bill 1690)!

The bad news - capital insiders report that two senators will oppose the bill if the criminal penalties are not removed...gutting the 'teeth' from the bill.

Will they prevail? We do not know, but we do know that it is outrageous to not hold those who wantonly commit these horrific acts accountable. And we know, that if we don't speak out they won't know they're off track!

Perhaps you noticed press reports about the most recent incident. Just last weekend anarchist ANTIFA protesters desecrated a public memorial to the fallen from the Spanish American war in a city park in Portland, Oregon in broad daylight. Clad in masks and armed with inexpensive cans of paint, the images are shocking.

These two senators, Anitere Flores and Jeff Brandes, both fairly young, just probably don't understand the pain caused by these attacks on family and the injury to the community these indelible images have....or the importance of protecting our history for future generations.

We are asking that all Guardins take a few minutes on President's Day to 'weigh in' by taking time out to call each of these two senators.

Please reach out to them and ask why they don't want to protect Veterans Memorials and preserve our History.

And tell them that you hope they will decide to support SB 1690 AS IS WITH the crucial criminal penalty deterrents.

If you receive an answering machine it is OK to leave a message. The phones are on 24/7. Here are their numbers in Tallahassee: Sen. Anitere Flores - 850-487-5039 Sen. Jeff Brandes - 850-487-5024 The Committee is expected to hear the bill Wednesday, so please CALL NOW. The bill will likely be dead if it does not pass this committee. It is TIME to honor our veterans and preserve our history in Florida - before all remnants of our American history and heritage has been eliminated! It is the LEAST we can do for those who fought and died FOR US.

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