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Will These FL Republicans let the Radical Left Prevent Us Honoring our Veterans?

Public opinion polls overwhelmingly show that Floridians want memorials to veterans protected, but some Florida legislators don’t seem to get the message.

Worse yet, it seems like Republicans are more afraid of the Southern Poverty Law Center than they are of not doing the right thing for our veterans.

After passing 4 committees, 3 unanimously, the good Historical Memorial Protection bill has all but died.

Capital insiders say the Bill is on life support, after getting a good run out of the gate. Despite the numerous veterans monuments that have been attacked, including the WWII Tuskeegee Airmen’s Memorial, Republicans are turning their backs on our efforts to honor our history and our veterans.

Why you might ask? An organized ambush by the SPLC and its assassins in committee last week created the kiss of death for weak-kneed Republican legislators: ‘controversy’. Controversy orchestrated by the SPLC and its fake hate modus operandi.

The result? The bill’s momentum has come to a standstill, as the final two committee chairman, Rep. Blaise Ingoglia and Sen. Lizbeth Benquisto have not scheduled the bill to be heard. Last week, Gulf War Veteran Spencer Roach’s good Historical Memorial Protection bill was the victim of a organized 'hit job' by the SPLC and its henchmen (Fentriss Driskell, Ramon Alexander, Joseph Geller and Amy Mercado (all radical leftists).

Last week leftist Representatives literally interrogated Roach on the bill dissecting words ad nausea, to the chagrin of the Committee chairman, Paul Renner. The antics of the SPLC continued, and when one pro-bill representative spoke for it, he was interrupted by one of the leftists, creating disruption for the entire committee, injecting a big dose of ‘controversy’ into an otherwise non-controversial bill.

This, friends is the autopsy report on how the radical left gets their way and we, regular Americans get ignored.

Tired of being ignored? Call Rep. Ingoglia and Sen. Benquisto NOW. Ask if they are going to let the radical left hate groups continue to disrespect our history and our veterans, or are they going to stand up for America and pass the Historical Memorial Protection Bill (HB 1251 / SB 1690).

Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, State Affairs Committee Spring Hill (352) 688-5004 & Tallahassee (850) 717-5035.

Senator Lizbeth Benquisto, Senate Rules Committee Ft. Myers (239) 338-2570 & Tallahassee (850) 487-5350.

Thank you!

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