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The Jefferson Hemings Hoax Exposed: Give the Dog a Bad Name then Kill the Dog

Updated: Apr 7

Critical Theory is about criticizing things you want gone. It is effective.

Give the dog a bad name then kill the dog.


We learned recently from a Virginia historian of the glee expressed when the link was made between Sally Hemings' descendant's DNA and Thomas Jefferson's descendant's DNA.


Genealogists will tell you that it is very hard to differentiate between the DNA of male siblings. But that didn't stop the cultural Marxists from marrying truth to a lie. Yes, one of Sally's children had Jefferson DNA. But was it really Thomas Jeffersons?

Just google Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings and you will see generated family trees, and pictures of Sally Heming (it is hard to imagine that pictures exist, but hey, alternative history is in fashion, so why not?), and accusations ne convictions of rape. How better to foment hate of America than to discredit the founders, themselves?

Take a minute to read about the hoax. Sadly, even Monticello is now promoting the hoax.

Critical History Theory ("CHT") is now the weapon of choice for cultural Marxists in the war on America's foundation. By discrediting our founders, and their theories, those theories are discredited.

Read more about the hoax HERE.


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