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PRESS RELEASE: Guardians Release Report On Lee Monument


Guardians Release Report On Lee Monument

June 6, 2022 - For Immediate Release

Fort Myers - Guardians of American History announces today that is has complied a Report entitled "A Factual History Of the Lee County Namesake Memorial".

The four page Report traces the 173 year history of the memorial beginning when Robert E. Lee surveyed the Florida coast for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

In January 2022, the City of Fort Myers removed the Lee memorial overnight, after voting to do so a year previously.

The Guardian's web site states "The facts in Lee County, Florida indicate the attacks on the monument to Robert E. Lee was more about distain for America than about Lee himself or his military service."

Guardians of American History joined the Coalition to Restore The Lee Memorial earlier this year and the Report is part of the initiative.

"This action should be a wake up call to Americans that their culture and civilization is being hauled away while they sleep" the Guardians said.

"What happens with this memorial - and arguable others - could be an indicator of how, and if, America, herself, will survive." the Guardians concluded.

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