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Happy Birthday, President Washington?

Long before the current purge of names of roads and schools for Confederate-related personages and locales, existed a movement to purge other Americans, like President George Washington.

That effort got traction only in limited "blue cities", but has recently picked up renewed steam as, by chopping Confederate-related names, we have 'normalized' these re-namings.

Don't believe it? Check the date on THIS article - 1997.

Back then, no one seriously would think about renaming a Washington-honored school, but how many even exist today? Like Lee, Washington and his ilk, Anglo Christian men today are remembered for their imperfections not for their ideals.

Resentments, profits and division drive a relentless lust for the evisceration of American history. And for what? How many homeless does it feed or shelter? How many children does it educate?

Yes, this march to erase American history is long-standing.

But it took media madness over photograph of a mentally deficient with a flag and his malicious murder of a black Christian congregation in the South to ignite manufactured backlash to f-i-n-a-l-l-y- get some traction for the take-down movement.

What have we lost since then? Yes, Confederate history: Lee in NOLA, and dozens of letter attributed memorials to American heroes (including some by any means necessary).

But also Kate Smith, the "Pioneer" monument in San Francisco; attacks on numerous Presidents, Christopher Columbus and other veterans memorials not to mention Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock Vandalized This Week

But for court intervention, two veteran memorials prominently featuring the Christian Cross would have been removed. And don't forget our National Anthem.

Has the sleeping giants of American spirit and pride been awakened? Perhaps. But many are still asleep.

Recent court decisions are giving hope to those who are beat down by the persistent attacks on the fallen heroes in their families. But just every so often, an elected body comes to the right decision, like in the Tega Cay, SC police memorial, where the take-down decision was REVERSED.

But we have a long way to go to keep the promise to our fallen heroes and forefathers that 'we will never forget'. What lesson does this war on American History teach our youth? It is too early to tell, but one shocking statistic is that as vandalism of Veterans Memorials has increased, so has the suicide rate of veterans.

Perhaps today is a good day to remember what Pres. Washington said on the subject:

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of early wars were treated and appreciated by our nation."

- George Washington This week will be the do or die week in our fight for protection of our American History in Florida including the beginning of respect for our veterans memorials.

What can you do? Pray and Act!

1. Pray for the passage of SB 1690 and HB 1250; 2. Act by CONTACTING your State Rep. and State Senator and asking them to support the bills; and 3. Consider becoming a Guardian by making a donation to fund our educational and historic preservation efforts.

Thank you!

Let's say, Happy Birthday, President Washington!!!!

WE remember you today.

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