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Goodbye Chris and George, Hello Harriet!

Christopher Columbus Being Hauled Away in Washington Park - June 26, 2022 Harriet Tubman in Tubman Park - Unveiled March 9, 2023

We know the destruction during the "summer of love" was not just about "Confederate Monuments". We watched beautiful works of art all around American destroyed or 'pre-emptively' removed by marxist mayors.

Newark, NJ was one of those pre-emptions. A beautiful bronze sculpture of Christopher Columbus, dedicated in 1927 and funded by the Italian-American community was hauled off in the middle of the night.

Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka was quoted as saying “In keeping with the movement to remove symbols of oppression and white supremacy, we have decided to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus from Washington Park. We took it down with City work crews in a safe and orderly manner, to avoid the potential danger of people taking it upon themselves to topple it.” reports that "according to Junius Williams, Newark’s city historian, many people simply do not know Columbus beyond the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, simple narratives they were provided growing up. It’s that misunderstanding of history that had led to tributes in the form of statues and federal holidays, which for many represent a painful reminder of state-sanctioned oppression.

'Columbus is, in my mind, a colonialist, an enslaver, someone who projected racism into the North American experience. He enslaved the native Americans, raped the women, the Spanish were the epitome of everything America should not be,' Williams said. 'He is not the person many people think he is, and as a matter of fact, he died still thinking that he had discovered a new way to get to the Indies.' "

The article goes on to quote Newark historian Williams "The debate is being waged throughout America, and throughout the world, about how to treat oppressive people. I don’t think there’s any need to have any further discussion, I think the mayor did the right thing. It’s not something that speaks highly of Newark to have a person such as that in an honored position.”

So there you have it, a government historian has tried and convicted Christoper Columbus as an 'oppressive person' in a Star Chamber and, so his imagery must be banned from sight. Never mind that Columbus was Italian not Spanish - facts really don't matter to the iconoclasts.

And doubling down in his war against white supremacy and 'oppression', Mayor Barak renamed "Washington Park" as "Harriet Tubman Square".

Sounds a lot like what Mayor Lenny Curry in Jacksonville did. Take down a statue in the middle of the night signaling his virtue and finding some non-white person to rename a city park for, in this case "Hemming Plaza" became "James Weldon Johnson" Park.

That is what we are FIGHTING to stop! If you oppose these heavy handed marxist mayors and want them reigned in, now is the time to support our Legislative effort.

Lt. Gov. Kottmap is working tirelessly for us in Tallahassee but we each must help in two ways:

1. Chip in for the Legislative Action Fund - $4,250 is needed urgently to meet the campaign's needs; and

2. Call our state legislators and tell them we support House Bill 1607 and Senate Bill 1096. This handy web site wil provid you links to the phone numbers of your legislators.

The Legislative session started Tuesday and our bills need to move quickly through their committee referals, so this is not a next week thing.

Please call on MONDAY and call again each week and ask them how the bills are doing. Make a personal contact with someone, either in the District office or in the Tallahassee office. Get their name and let them know you'll be following up and expect to hear good news.

Please let us know how your calls go, so we can report it back to Gov. Kottkamp!

Thank you.

-Guardians of American History

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